Wicker Park

The Wicker Park District has been part of Chicago since its incorporation as a city in 1837. The furthest northwest point of the city was North Avenue and Wood Street. In 1847 the city’s western boundary moved to Western Avenue. By 1853, the heart of what would become the Wicker Park District: North, Milwaukee, and Damen, was occupied by homes on the corners of North and Milwaukee and by a public well on the northwest corner of North and Damen.

A vibrant community, the Wicker Park District became home to many families that would become vital to Chicago’s growth and prosperity. Included in the list of well known people are the Pritzkers, Uihleins, Crowns, Carl Laemmle (Universal Studios), Michael Todd, Saul Bellows, and Nelson Algren. Unlike other Chicago neighborhoods, Wicker Park had a diverse mix of ethnic and economic residents living side by side.